Independence Day: Resurgence (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

The observance of Independence Day: Resurgence has just begun, but Roland Emmerich is already working on his next disaster flick. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, the director won’t stray too far from that milieu. Emmerich has just sold a spec script for a new space misadventure, Moonfall, to Universal. The project sparked a bidding war between Universal and Sony, and it’s not hard to see why, as Emmerich has written a story about a ragtag group of heroes who must save Earth from another hurtling object—the moon. (We can already guess what the tagline will be: “This time, it’s orbital.”)

Luckily, a “disgraced astronaut” will know just what to do, presumably because the reason they ended up on the outs with NASA is because they predicted this “reverse moon landing” years ago. It’s obvious what inspired Emmerich to write this movie—the moon’s been a nuisance for millennia. It’s responsible for 100% of werewolf attacks, and it’s poised to turn the whole solar system against us by falling out of orbit. That’s why Mr. Show proposed blowing it up almost 20 years ago:

The film is being fast-tracked, which means we can all look forward to recycled “Welcome to Earth” jokes for at least the next two years.