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Rogue Nation’s Sean Harris has enough believers to join American Gods

Sean Harris in Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation

It looks like enough Americans still believe in the fabled powers of intense British character actors: Less than a week after Emily Browning was cast as Laura Moon in the new TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, another actor has developed the requisite number of followers to grant him power to participate in the upcoming Starz series. Sean “Specializes in anger-filled killers” Harris has just been added to the project; while audiences know him from playing Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation’s villain and The Borgias’ soulful assassin Micheletto, he’s likely still best known to many as the inexplicably furious geologist in Prometheus who gets his face melted into a space helmet after his compatriot performs the least effective snake-charmer routine in the history of the universe.

According to Digital Spy, Harris is set to play Mad Sweeney, the old god leprechaun (and king from an old Irish story, but Americans aren’t great with details) and magical gold-coin middleman who serves as Mr. Wednesday’s underling. He’ll be joined by Sequestered’s Yetide Badaki as love goddess Bilquis and newcomer Bruce Langley as new god Technical Boy. They join the already-cast Ian McShane as Wednesday and The 100’s Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon. Now, if the production could just get its act together and cast the twins from this season of The Bachelor as the Zorya sisters, we’ll be all set to go.


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