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Remember how excited everyone was for Infinity War? Finally, the culmination of 10 years of movies, with a ton of big-name heroes and one of the baddest villains in comic book history all coming together for a universe-shaking showdown. It was such a big deal that it had the biggest opening weekend ever. This story you’re reading right now is about a movie that is the complete opposite of Infinity War. It’s something we definitely don’t want to see, it’s the culmination of one man’s entire lifetime of miserable acts, and it centers on a villain who is nowhere near as human as Thanos, the Mad Titan. It is, in other words, a biopic about Donald Trump.


According to Deadline, journalist Gabe Sherman—author of Roger Ailes biography The Loudest Voice In The Room—has been hired to write The Apprentice, a movie about how “a young builder” in “the gritty world of 1970s and ‘80s New York” became the Donald Trump we all know and loathe today. That description comes from Sherman himself, and in case this doesn’t sound painful enough, the Deadline story adds that the story will be at least partly told from the perspective of Roy Cohn. If you only that name as a Simpsons reference, Cohn was chief counsel for Senator Joseph McCarthy during his anti-Communist hearings and he also represented Trump when he was sued for refusing to rent his properties to minorities.

The Apprentice could end up being a great movie that offers an enlightening take on how Trump became the way he is (as Sherman’s Ailes book is anything but a glowing portrayal), but sitting down in a theater and watching some actor play a young Trump as he makes a bunch of money by screwing people over just sounds like a dreadful way to spend an evening.

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