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Rod Serling's daughter says he'd be surprised that The Twilight Zone is still so relevant

Photo: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images)

It’s not a coincidence that what little we’ve seen from CBS All Access’ upcoming reboot of The Twilight Zone seems very faithful to Rod Serling’s original series—right down to some familiar stories getting modern updates. The show is purposefully being made with the original show in mind because the original show was so good that it largely still holds up. It also doesn’t hurt that a lot of the big issues the old show touched on are still tragically relevant today, like racism, the threat of nuclear war, and and the dangerous allure of fascism.

As it turns out, the show is still so relevant to where we are today that Serling’s daughter Anne thinks her father would be “stunned” that people still care about The Twilight Zone. Speaking with The Wrap, Serling says that her father “didn’t think that his writing would stand the test of time,” adding that he would be “apoplectic about what’s happening in the world today” and “deeply saddened.”


Serling went on to say that her father’s show “dealt with human issues and themes that are still so prevalent today, like racism and mentality,” but “we don’t seem to be able to move ahead and change.” Luckily, she trusts new executive producer (and host) Jordan Peele to pay the proper amount of respect to The Twilight Zone with CBS’ streaming reboot, saying that he recognizes the “challenge” of the show and that her father “would have a great deal of respect” for Peele and his work.

This is certainly a lot of hype for the reboot, and we’ll see if it pays off when the show premieres on April 1. Also, there are seriously so many Twilight Zone with not-so-subtle Nazi metaphors, and we should all be stunned about how extremely relevant they still are.


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