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Rocket and Groot make complete sense as Calvin and Hobbes

As the Han Solo and Chewy in a movie full of Han Solos and Chewies, Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon and Groot were pretty much guaranteed to steal the Internet’s heart. But is there any way to make the anthropomorphic duo any more lovable? Mash them up with Game Of Thrones, perhaps? (”When Groot Met Hodor” would be pretty great.) Build them out of Lego? (Oh wait, that already happened.)

Comic book artist Mike S. Miller has found the answer, and it’s deceptively simple—draw them like Calvin and Hobbes, of course. Miller has rendered the crossover comics duo of your Sunday funnies dreams in a series of illustrations that will give any fan of both Marvel and Bill Watterson (a pretty significant intersection, we’re willing to bet) a case of the warm fuzzies. For the moment Miller is only selling prints of “Rocket And Groot” at conventions, but he will also ship them to you if you ask him real nice on Facebook. Now someone please make a “Rocket peeing on Thanos” decal.


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