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Rock out to an all-bass version of Metallica’s ...And Justice For All


You might remember musician Rob Scallon for his impossibly nimble ukulele cover of Slayer’s “War Ensemble” or a headtwanging banjo cover of Metallica’s “Battery.” Now the Chicago-based musician is back and tackling another of the latter’s catalog with as much face-melting delicacy as he can muster. “…And Justice For Bass,” Scallon’s new video, is a song-by-song cover of the Mighty Met’s fourth album using just bass instruments. Whether interpreted via solo upright, solo electric, or a multi-layered combination of the two, songs such as “One” and “Eye Of The Beholder” somehow sound creepier and more confrontational in this form—although they’re still not as scary as the St. Anger snare tone injected into “Master Of Puppets.”

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