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Rock ‘n’ roll walrus calls Kanye West “as dumb as a post”

(Image by: Getty Images)

David Crosby is still not that into Kanye West. The rocker and onetime model for Sea World’s Sir Winston The Walrus previously called the rapper and lifestyle mogul “a poser” but, baited by a fan on Twitter, has now elaborated, saying West is “an egomaniac” who is “as dumb as a post,” and neither creates anything nor helps anyone. Crosby’s thoughts shouldn’t really come as a surprise, not only because of his previous “poser” comment, but because he tweeted earlier this summer that “rap isn’t music.”


Crosby isn’t the first actual guitar-toting rocker to weigh in on West this week. Earlier this week, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor posted a video in which he responded to West calling himself “the greatest living rockstar on the planet.”

[via Stereogum, Uproxx]

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