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Robyn's new "Honey" video is a gauzy, blissed-out dance party with (and for) her fans

We’ve written before about our delight at Robyn’s new album Honey, which translates the long-time Swedish dance-popper’s ever-dreamy tones into something a little more raw and personal. Now, Robyn has released a new video for the album’s title track, serving as both a visual accompaniment to the song’s yearning tone, and also a tacit suggestion for the best way to listen to it, i.e., in the midst of a soft-focus dance party surrounded by gently gyrating youths.


Said young folks are actually all Robyn fans; she issued an open call for supporters to send her videos of themselves dancing, and brought them together for the shoot. “I was amazed by the warmth and open spirit of the cast,” she said in a press release.It was lovely to dance with them during the shoot, the energy was so cool.”

Directed by Robyn’s frequent collaborator and romantic partner Max Vitali, the video is all mood, to the point where it’s often hard to tell what’s a person, and what’s not. In other words, it’s a perfect complement to Robyn’s latest gauzy lead-off track, simultaneously empowering while also suggesting that a life-affirming, non-scuzzy-type orgy might be seconds from breaking out.