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Robyn has a new song, but there’s a catch: If you want to preview it, you’re going to also have to listen to Girls dialogue. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but just be warned you’re not getting pure, unadulterated Robyn. The Swedish pop star’s “Honey”—a swelling track—debuted over the closing credits of Sunday’s episode of the HBO show, alongside footage of the movie Adam (Adam Driver) made that features a Hannah stand-in played by Daisy Eagan.


Robyn posted on Instagram about how the collaboration came to be, even though ”Honey” wasn’t fully ready for public consumption. “After Lena used ‘Dancing On My Own’ in the first season of Girls, in the most amazing way, I was so happy she asked me if she could put another of my songs in the series,” she wrote. ”I sent her some music I’m working on and she picked ‘Honey.’ It wasn’t ready to be released, but we finished this version for her and Girls.” In the series’ third episode, Hannah puts on the “Dancing On My Own” from Body Talk Pt. 1 and lets loose after figuring out the perfect tweet about getting HPV.

Dunham also acknowledged the direct callback. “We knew the last season needed some Robyn—after all, Hannah would not be Hannah without a lot of dancing on her own,” she noted on her Instagram. t’s unclear when Robyn will release a full version of “Honey“ or more new music, but this little taste satiates for now.

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