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Robyn is back, and she's been "Missing U"

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Photo: Hiroyuki Ito (Getty Images)

Swedish pop songstress Robyn has been, by and large, leaving her fans to dance on their own since the release of her Body Talk Pt. 1 album in 2010. There have been collaborative mini-albums, and dance remixes, and the occasional festival set, that’s true. But it’s been eight years since Robyn last put out new music as a solo artist, and that drought ended earlier today with the release of “Missing U,” the single she teased earlier this week.

Accompanied by a short film from Robyn and director Danilo Parra in which she graciously accepts the adoration of fans at a regular DJ night in Brooklyn called “This Party Is Killing You: A Night Of All Robyn Everything,” “Missing U” is an ebullient, poignant love note from the pop queen to her adoring subjects. In a press release announcing the song, Robyn says,‘Missing U’ is a song about this trippy thing that happens when people disappear, it’s like they become even more clear and you see them everywhere,”and “also a little bit of a message to my fans, that I’ve missed them. You know, I haven’t made an album in eight years, so I haven’t seen my fans for a long time either. I think getting back to them is important.”


The feeling is mutual, as you can see in the short film below. Robyn has yet to make an official announcement about it, but has hinted that she’s working on a new album due out later this year.