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Robot bartender serves drinks, won’t discuss politics or religion

The big brains over at MIT have created a robot bartender and two robot servers that could possibly give the crew of your local Chili’s a run for their money.

In the simplest terms, the bartending robot, PR2, works the well (that’s making drinks for the rest of the staff) while the Turtlebots—the red cooler is named Raphael and the blue cooler Leonardo—pick up a can of Yuengling Traditional Lager from PR2 and bring the frosty beverage to a specified location. According to Uproxx, the braniacs have “programmed a bunch of little robots to work within a set of directions, and to gather as much information as they can to assign themselves their next task, without having a programmer tell them what they should do next.” What you don’t see in the video is PR2 lambasting Leonardo and Raphael for not ringing in the order properly. The experiment seems to be going quite well—until Jon Taffer inevitably bursts into the room and shuts the whole thing down.


The MIT researchers assume that once PR2 becomes sentient he will request to be outfitted with arm garters, a heavy leather apron, and a stupid mustache. Much like Johnny Five wanted it recognized that he was alive, PR2 will demand he be referred to as a “mixologist.” As for Leo and Raph, they are currently looking for someone to pick up their shifts tomorrow.

Bartenders of the world, have no fear as of yet; PR2’s Old Fashioned is shit and he has no desire to listen to your problems.

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