Ensuring that he remains the nexus of the motherfucking movie universe, Sameul L. Jackson has signed on to co-star in the RoboCop reboot, playing a particularly attitudinal ED-209 in the film that we would make on YouTube were we not busy with other things. In the actual film that director Jose Padhila is making, Jackson will play Pat Novak, "a charismatic media mogul and a powerful force in the Robocop world" (not unlike his most obvious namesake, Pat Sajak), suggesting that it will be Jackson who's behind the various stuff that people of the future may or may not buy for a dollar. Jackson joins the cast alongside the recently announced Gary Oldman, playing the scientist who resurrects Joel Kinnaman's bullet-riddled cop as a cyborg—a role which Kinnaman recently told Movieline he's preparing for by spending some time with those increasingly lifelike Japanese humanoid robots, for research. "Hey, what a coincidence, that's also why we're doing that," said a bunch of unnerving Japanese guys.