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Robin Wright says Trump has stolen all of House Of Cards’ ideas

House Of Cards (Photo: Netflix)

Although the Trump administration recently drew comparisons to a different Netflix series, having a Commander in chief with such blatant disregard for the citizenry—or rather, the 99.9% of it that doesn’t have gold-plated toilets—has also frequently brought House Of Cards and its fictional president to mind. This isn’t lost on Robin Wright, who plays First Lady Claire Underwood on the political drama. She flat out told Variety that many of the near-daily scandals that are coming out of the real White House these days could be plot points on her show.

“Trump has stolen all of our ideas for season six,” she joked, which would feel more like a fun coincidence if, again, House Of Cards wasn’t about a Machiavellian chief executive. The comparison to Underwood isn’t entirely apt, though, as we know he’s literate while we can’t be entirely certain about the sitting president. But firing the director of the FBI because he might have been about to give you up is certainly something out of President Underwood’s playbook.


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