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Roberto Orci set up as director of the next Star Trek

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Sure to add flame to the conspiracy theories of Star Trek Truthers everywhere, Variety has confirmed that the next Star Trek film will indeed be directed by franchise writer and explainer Roberto Orci. Rumblings that Orci was the frontrunner for the job began with the news that he had split from longtime partner Alex Kurtzman, with each hoping to concentrate on their own filmmaking endeavors. Still, these early intelligence reports were more or less ignored, due to the fact that Orci has never directed anything, and seemed unlikely to pose a threat to other, more experienced candidates. That a man without a single directing credit would ever be placed in charge of a massive, multimillion-dollar franchise as his filmmaking debut seemed as illogical as, say, the idea that a handful of men armed with box cutters could commit the greatest act of terrorism on American soil, to cite the argument that Orci makes in his allegorical Star Trek movies.


And yet, if one looks closer at the evidence, you can see that the seeds were planted long before this. Orci has spent years positioning himself as the member of the Star Trek team with the most fanatical devotion to Star Trek—a Star Trek extremist, if you will. Last year, he even showed up on Internet message boards to fight contentiously (and very publicly) with fans, intensifying their mistrust and hatred in a way not unlike Lee Harvey Oswald sparring with anti-Castro activists. And all of that establishing of his persona has paid off, now that Orci has been drafted to act alone as a rookie director—one who’s already personally despised by many Star Trek fans—and set up to be the patsy if it fails.

Is it any coincidence that the decision was made after Orci’s associate J.J. Abrams left to take over Star Wars—another franchise that’s being closely watched, by fans who have expressed similarly intense misgivings? Is it not now totally obvious that Abrams has engineered the perfect distraction from Star Wars, having Star Trek 3 take on such an explosively controversial choice for director? Can’t you all see that this is just a false flag operation? What will it take for you to open your eyes?

Anyway, Paramount had no comment. Of course.