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Robert Zemeckis now also realizes that remaking Yellow Submarine is a bad idea

Illustration for article titled Robert Zemeckis now also realizes that remaking emYellow Submarine/em is a bad idea

Having recently remembered that there are still perfectly good human bodies walking the Earth, Robert Zemeckis seems to have corrected his post-Flight course by abandoning at least one of his most high-profile performance-capture projects—his long-gestating remake of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine. Disney already killed the project nearly two years ago, but as Zemeckis' films like The Polar Express and A Christmas Carol have shown, there is no hollowed-out corpse that Zemeckis cannot bring to disturbing, mockery-of-life with his digital trickery. But now that Zemeckis has regained some perspective and appreciation for the warm touch of the living, he tells Moviehole he's no longer interested in dragging Yellow Submarine into the cold 21st century.


"That would have been a great one to bring the Beatles back to life. But it’s probably better not to be remade—you’re always behind the 8-ball when do you a remake," Zemeckis says, before lamenting the general "state of the industry" that has made it difficult for him to stay enthusiastic about filmmaking in general, a dire climate in which the difficulty in rehashing Yellow Submarine with 3-D CGI is somehow held up as proof of the industry's creative frustrations. Anyway, Zemeckis then returned to developing that Who Framed Roger Rabbit? sequel he's been working on, which we suppose is not technically a remake.

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