(Screenshot: Vidme/roxann3coop3r)

Comedian Robert Smigel and his right hand’s alter ego Triumph The Insult Comic Dog were at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland yesterday, leading a group of counter-protesters against members of the Westboro Baptist Church. Smigel and his party gathered in the Cleveland Public Square alongside the professionally seditious religious group and tried to out-obnoxious them, Raw Story reports.

In a mockery of the polychrome “God Hates…”-themed placards the Kansas-based church members regularly display at protests, the counter-protesters carried similar-looking signs bearing ridiculous slogans like “God Hates Morning People,” “God Hates Bangs,” and “God Hates People Born From C-Sections” (only the last of which is true). They also brandished posters with the faces of celebrities like Kevin Spacey, Taylor Swift, and Krysten Ritter covered in devil horns or bars sinister along with such proclamations as “Bangs Are The Devil’s Children” and “Kevins Repent.” One participant captured a bit of the public spectacle and uploaded it to Vidme.:


The gleeful counter-protesters seemed to take particular umbrage at the L.A. Lakers’ recent $64 million acquisition of former Cleveland Cavalier Timofey Mozgov. “Timofey Mozgov?! Seriously!.” Smigel emphatically shouted through his bullhorn. “You have insulted God by signing Timofey Mozgov to a four year deal!”

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— Austen S. Leake (@tribstarausten) July 20, 2016

The beautifully weird stunt was reportedly arranged for a segment on Conan, where Smigel and Triumph appear with semi-regularity.