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Robert Rodriguez TV network boldly renews Robert Rodriguez TV show

Robert Rodriguez’s television network, El Rey, has renewed Robert Rodriguez’s television show, From Dusk Till Dawn, for a second season. The first episode of the new series received mostly kind reviews, including from our own Sonia Saraiya, though those reviews were also mixed with a slight befuddlement at the idea that the program even exists. Anyway, no ratings data has been announced about the program yet—primarily because El Rey is such a young network that nobody can find it and it’s, thus, not particularly beholden to anybody to release its data—but it’s not incredibly surprising that the network would renew its flagship original series, because the network will make back its investment eventually, when the series gets on streaming services. You will say, “Let’s see how they made that vampire movie into a TV series,” and there goes your Saturday.  Season two, like season one, will film in Austin. It will be 13 episodes.

“It has been a joy to bring these characters back to life and have the opportunity to take our storytelling to a whole new place. We look forward to going back into production later this year and are excited about raising the bar even higher in season two,” said Rodriguez in a press release. From Dusk Till Dawn airs Tuesdays at 9 on the El Rey Network, if you would like to watch it now, instead of on some theoretical rainy weekend day in the future. Do you get the El Rey Network? That is a question we just cannot answer as of yet.


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