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Robert Rodriguez to remake Bakshi's and Frazetta's epic flop, Fire And Ice

Via Coming Soon: Frank Frazetta's body isn't even cold yet, but Robert Rodriguez has already announced he'll be thawing out the late fantasy artist's epic-yet-clunky film, Fire And Ice. The original movie—animated by Ralph Bakshi using rotoscope, as was Bakshi's prior fantasy film, The Lord Of The Rings (and, in part, Wizards before that)—flopped when released in 1983, despite the proven success of live-action flicks like Conan The Barbarian and Clash Of The Titans and Frazetta's creative input. Fire And Ice has since become a cult classic—or a clusterfuck of clichés, depending on how you slice it. (Bakshi was such a volatile commodity at that point that another giant in the fantasy field, Michael Moorcock, denied him the opportunity to adapt Moorcock's most famous character, Elric; to this day, Elric remains unfilmed.) Rodriguez hasn't dropped any more details about the project, although it's hard not to picture it as Sin City with swords and shit.

(Note: There is no relation between Fire And Ice and A Song Of Ice And Fire, the George R.R. Martin fantasy series being adapted by HBO as Game Of Thrones. It's just that, you know, the genre has been known to recycle an idea or two from time to time.)

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