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Robert Rodriguez to direct movie based on Uglydoll toys

(Photo: Getty Images For SXSW, Rita Quinn) / (Image: Uglydoll)

Just a few days after signing on to direct a remake of John Carpenter’s Escape From New York, Robert Rodriguez has also decided to direct an animated movie based on the Uglydoll line of children’s toys. That’s according to Variety, which says the movie will be Rodriguez’s first animated project and that it even has a release date already penciled in for May 10, 2019. We don’t have any details about the film other than that, but it will presumably be a weird and stylish kids’ movie like Rodriguez’s Spy Kids series, but with the added benefit of being based on a pre-existing toy (just like Trolls and The Lego Movie).

As for the Uglydoll toys themselves, they’re primarily plush monsters with pointy teeth and big, cartoony eyes. The idea is that they look kind of creepy, which helps teach kids to appreciate things that aren’t strictly “normal.” Presumably, the movie will have some kind of heartfelt message about acceptance.


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