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Illustration for article titled Robert Rodriguez is ready to make the second chapter of his emMachete/em trilogy

Robert Rodriguez’s annual incantation of all the remakes and sequels he’s planning is mainly for protection, part of an enchantment spell meant to distract Comic-Con attendees from asking too many Sin City questions or eating him. But sometimes they yield actual projects—most immediately Machete Kills, the promised follow-up to the Danny Trejo-starring Grindhouse spinoff, which Rodriguez now says is due to shoot this April. Most of the original, surviving cast is expected to return, while Rodriguez also revealed that the plot will find Machete wreaking havoc in Mexico as he tries to stop both a maniacal cartel leader and a billionaire arms dealer who plans to launch a weapon into space, with the faded ’80s and ’90s movie stars playing those characters still yet to be decided. (Treat Williams and Billy Zane have preemptively issued statements letting everyone know they’re available.) That story presumably leads right into the third film Rodriguez mentioned last summer, Machete Kills Again… In Space, where Trejo will hopefully lead an uprising of subjugated moon people against the wealthy citizens of Newt Gingrich’s moon colony.


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