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Robert Rodriguez is making a live-action Jonny Quest movie

Jonny Quest

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the wheel of old cartoons that have yet to be made into live-action movies has finally landed on Jonny Quest—the show that The Venture Brothers used to be an homage to before it became an homage to everything ever. Not only that, but Warner Bros. has also managed to rope in Robert Rodriguez to co-rewrite the script and direct the film. That means we have no way of knowing whether it’ll be a stylishly violent movie like Sin City or a colorful kid-friendly romp like the Spy Kids series. Actual children don’t give a damn about Jonny Quest, but the sort of people who watch The Venture Brothers probably do, so this adaptation could really go either way.

Jonny Quest, of course, was the show about the blonde kid who went on adventures with his scientist father, his father’s bodyguard, and the Indian boy who they…adopted? We’ll just assume he was adopted, because anything else would be pretty messed up. The one-season show originally aired in 1964, but it was later revived in the ‘80s and then again in the ‘90s (that one had a ton of horrible computer-animated scenes that took place in a virtual reality world, because it was the ‘90s).


Another Jonny Quest movie was in the works back in 2010, with Zac Efron set to star as Jonny and Dwayne Johnson as Race Bannon, the bodyguard. Efron can’t really play a wide-eyed adventure boy anymore, though, and Johnson is probably too famous to play second-fiddle to a little kid, so they’re almost certainly not coming back for this. Plus, this being a Robert Rodriguez movie now, Danny Trejo will probably just play everyone.

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