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Robert Rodriguez chats Sylvester Stallone up about his filmmaking career

Rodriguez, Salma Hayek, and Stallone promoting Spy Kids 3-D in 2003 (Photo: Getty Images)

While Sylvester Stallone has been busy discussing who should take over for Rambo or promoting his latest film, Creed, he took some time to discuss his work as a filmmaker with fellow director Robert Rodriguez. As part of El Rey’s The Director’s Chair series, Stallone sat down for a 50-minute interview to discuss his origins in filmmaking, what he’s learned through the years, and what has inspired various aspects of his work. It’s an engaging discussion that shines a light onto the earlier days of Stallone’s career and how he was able to juggle being a writer, director, star and, ultimately, iconic symbol of the ’80s.

Unfortunately, Rodriguez and Stallone don’t delve into some of the actor’s other works as a director, focusing mostly on the Rocky, Rambo, and The Expendables series, with some discussion of Paradise Alley. And while he has always been a hands-on force on the movies he’s worked on, often times rewriting parts of the script or incorporating various elements he wants to be included while not officially serving as writer or director, it would have been nice to have him speak about his other directorial work, Staying Alive, which found him entering a franchise he wasn’t previously associated with and didn’t include him working in front of the camera. Still, it’s an interesting dialogue between the two filmmakers that helps flesh out Stallone’s approach to filmmaking and what he seeks to accomplish with each of his films.

[Via /Film]


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