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Robert Redford says he's retiring from acting (for real this time)

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Welcome to Development Hell, the fiery pit into which we fling recent developments in casting, distribution, and everything else that’s new and mildly interesting in the Boschian phantasmagoria of the entertainment industry.

Alex Jones is finally getting his chili-loving, conspiracy-theorizing ass banned from YouTube, Apple, Spotify, and Facebook, the clearest indication of all time that the lizard people are real and they are winning. Of course, if that seems like something we think is funny, it’s only because we’re deep in the pocket of Hillary-loving, Satan-worshippers who probably don’t even eat chili. Anyway, with Jones getting sent off into the Phantom Zone, there’s a bunch of pop culture news to cover that has nothing to do with lizard people, so let’s talk about some of that.

  • Robert Redford says that The Old Man And The Gun will be his final film. He says there’s a chance he’ll do more acting someday, but for now he’s going to “move towards retirement.” Considering that he’s 81 and has been an actor for six decades, it seems like he’s probably earned a break. Also, if this all sounds familiar, it could be because this isn’t the first time he’s retired. [via Entertainment Weekly]
  • Rob McElhenney always seemed like a weird pick to direct a movie based on Minecraft, but we don’t have to worry about that anymore. He has now dropped out of the project, leading Warner Bros. to delay the film and hire Aaron and Adam Nee (who aren’t famous TV show stars) to write a new script. The whole idea still seems absurd, but whatever. [via The Wrap]
  • Earlier this summer, we saw Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in their funky threads for Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and now we’ve got a look at the 1969 version of Margot Robbie (she’s playing Sharon Tate). [via Vulture]
  • Jennifer Lopez is set to star in Hustlers, an adaptation of a New York Magazine article about a group of strip club employees who came up with a plot to scam their wealthy clients. [via Variety]
  • Rebecca Hall from Vicky Christina Barcelona (or Iron Man 3, depending on your taste in movies) is set to make her directorial debut with Passing, an adaptation of Nella Larsen’s 1920s Harlem Renaissance novel of the same name. It’s set to star Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga, so it sounds like everybody involved her is pretty cool. [via Deadline]
  • It looks like Baywatch is coming back to TV, as FremantleMedia has done an HD remaster on all 242 episodes of the original show and is currently shopping them around. The longterm plan here is to drum up interest in a reboot of the franchise, so apparently that movie didn’t do a good enough job. [via Deadline]
  • LeBron James is taking a common right-wing insult and turning it back around into a positive with Shut Up And Dribble, a three-part documentary series for Showtime about the “changing role of athletes in the current political environment.” [via Variety]
  • Here’s a trailer for Escape At Dannemora, Showtime’s series about the real-life prison break from 2015 in upstate New York. The eight-hour miniseries was directed by Ben Stiller and stars Benicio del Toro, Paul Dano, and Patricia Arquette:
  • Speaking of Showtime, the network has ordered a new documentary series from Alex Gibney tentatively called Enemies: The President, Justice, And The FBI. It’s about the long history of tensions between various U.S. presidents and the FBI. It’s timely! [via Deadline]
  • Greg is coming back to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is good, but he’s going to be recast, which is bad. He was originally played by Santino Fontana from Frozen, but New Greg will be played by Pitch Perfect’s Skylar Astin. The creative time won’t say what the exact justification will be, but it has something to do with how our perception of people changes over time. Whatever, we’ll still miss the old Greg. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

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