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Robert Pattinson will hunt down Saddam Hussein

Robert Pattinson's quest to shake off the body glitter of androgynous boyhood and mature into non-threatening adulthood has already led him to get dirty with sex and violence in the upcoming Bel Ami and Cosmopolis. And now that he's all grown up, he's ready to take on a man's job of hunting Saddam Hussein—back when Saddam was alive, of course, otherwise it wouldn't be very sporting—in the psychological thriller Mission: Blacklist. In the "gripping, edge-of-your-seat thriller" whose title will surely be changed to something less Mission: Impossible-esque, Pattinson will play real-life military interrogator Eric Maddox, who led the search for the Iraqi dictator and also looks like this. Such physical disparity aside, the producer says the film has been inspired by Pattinson's "dedication to tell this story in the most authentic way possible," and the fact that Band Of Brothers writer Eric Jendresen is the one adapting the book offers further promise for its authenticity. "I wish I were Saddam Hussein," millions of teenage girls will say.


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