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Robert Pattinson prophesied his Batman casting in his Twilight: Eclipse commentary track

Photo: Anthony Jones (Getty Images)

In a rousing turn of events, Robert Pattinson has reportedly been cast as the newest Batman. And, while that has many people up in arms, it’s not that out of left field nor is it a particularly bad decision. At all. Has he shown that he can make sparkling in the sun look painful and driving a silver Volvo look stressful? Yes. Has he also proven he can act his pants off and conquer the Fuck Box? Double yes. Also, he just might be able to see the future, because the dude foreshadowed his casting years ago, on the Eclipse commentary no less.


During a scene where Edward sneaks up on Kristen Stewart’s Bella for the umpteenth time, she comments on how Edward scared her (again, not a new occurrence). On commentary, Pattinson takes this moment to come up with alternative, snarky replies, one of which is, gasp, “I’m Batman.” And, dear reader, it sounds pretty good. Damn near perfect even, to be honest, and here he’s just goofing. Imagine when he’s in costume, uttering these words while gazing through the pouring rain at Gotham’s nastiest. Yeah, you can see it, and it’s good. If we could just see him screaming “Martha!” into the void, it just might be enough to win over the haters.

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