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Earlier this year, we reported that Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet had signed on to star as Henry V in new Netflix film The King, an historical drama that would see the actor assuming the English throne. It seems the streaming service must have demanded even more handsome brooding—and is going to get it.


According to Entertainment Weekly, Robert Pattinson has joined the cast of the film, which is directly inspired by Shakespeare’s Henry IV (parts one and two) and Henry V. While Chalamet is set to play the royal heir who unexpectedly becomes king after his older brother dies in battle, Pattinson will take the role of French prince The Dauphin, instead of our hoped-for casting of the actor as The Dolphin, with the story being transformed into a Waterworld-meets-SeaQuest DSV mashup.

This continues Pattinson’s new career as a compelling and adventurous character actor, with the film being a reunion for him with his The Rover co-writer and director David Michôd. Much like that post-apocalyptic thriller, The King will be co-written by Michôd’s regular collaborator Joel Edgerton. The rest of the cast inspires similar confidence in the project, including Ben Mendelsohn as King Henry IV and MacBeth’s Sean Harris as William. Champion cinematic brooders, all of them.

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