The Flash

According to Deadline, Robert Knepper has joined the cast of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, the upcoming sequel to the 2012 Tom Cruise movie about a guy named Jack Reacher who is really good at everything. Knepper will be playing General Harkness, a retired army guy who is now the CEO of a private military company. Deadline adds that he’s “a man of power, experience, and authority who thinks he’s the hero and is not afraid to do what’s necessary,” and in case having Robert Knepper play him wasn’t a big enough clue, the fact that he “thinks he’s the hero” should make it clear that he’s totally a bad guy. He’s not the bad guy, because that’s Patrick Heusinger, but Jack Reacher is definitely going to punch him or threaten to punch him at some point.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is being directed by Edward Zwick and it will be in theaters on October 16.