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Robert Knepper is added to Twin Peaks revival, contributing to creep quota

The Flash

Robert Knepper is probably a very nice person, but in Hollywood, he’s a go-to-guy when you need to cast somebody with less-than-noble intentions. So while Variety can only report that Knepper will be playing an undisclosed role on the upcoming Twin Peaks revival on Showtime, chances are he won’t be playing a gentle yarn shop owner, helpful bank teller at the Twin Peaks Savings & Loan, or a cheery short order cook at the Double-R Diner. Rather, the smart money’s on the Prison Break alum playing one of the many creeps that help fuel Twin Peaks, such as Shelly Johnson’s new tormentor, a replacement for Killer Bob, or a third Horne brother.

But then again, who knows what is going on in the minds of director David Lynch and co-writer Mark Frost? Maybe he’ll play the new Sheriff, a face in the moon, a seven-inch-tall, noseless Belgian who speaks in stuttering rhyme, or Diane. Regardless of the part, Knepper is joining Amanda Seyfried, who is reported to be playing a “pivotal role,” and Kyle MacLachlan’s Special Agent Dale Cooper, the only confirmed cast member from the original series.


That gum you like is going to come back in style sometime in 2017, when Twin Peaks is expected to return.

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