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Robert Duvall says Stanley Kubrick's films have "the worst performances I’ve ever seen in movies"

Robert Duvall has officially entered the august, aw-who-gives-a-fuck years of his life, judging by his recent roundtable interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Seated at a panel that also included James Franco, Ryan Gosling, Colin Firth, Mark Ruffalo, and Jesse Eisenberg, Duvall got a laugh out of Ruffalo and Eisenberg as he compared their shared director David Fincher’s strategy of shooting dozens of takes to that of Stanley Kubrick—which sounds like a compliment until Duvall clarifies that films like A Clockwork Orange and The Shining boast “the worst performances I’ve ever seen in movies,” and he’s not just talking about Shelley Duvall. (No relation.) While Duvall admitted that they were “maybe great movies,” he said that he just doesn’t get why anyone, Fincher or Kubrick, are so hung up on multiple takes: “Why would anybody do that?…I don’t quite get that,” he said, before again calling the acting “terrible.” You can check out video of the entire interview here. [via Collider]


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