The Avengers

One of the most endearing parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that everyone involved seems to be best friends with each other. It could be a corporate-mandated friendliness thing, but having all of these people meet up every few years, put on silly costumes, and dance around while pretending to fight aliens or robots has to be pretty good for bonding. The whole “best friends” thing is especially true for Robert Downey Jr., who is sort of the class president of the MCU in the sense that he really seems to enjoy being a part of the whole thing and gets a kick out of encouraging others to join in on that enjoyment.

That brings us to Tom Hiddleston, who made headlines earlier this summer when he was spotted canoodling with Taylor Swift near some infinitely more fascinating rocks. That relationship is apparently still going on, even though the Olympics are happening and No Man’s Sky is finally out, but maybe they really like each other or something. Anyway, Hiddleston recently joined Instagram, sharing a photo of himself in his Loki costume:


Naturally, as the MCU’s class president, Robert Downey Jr. had to welcome him to the social media platform, so he shared a photo of Hiddleston wearing a cutesy tank top:


As you may have noticed, though, Robert Downey Jr. put a little spin on it, suggesting that the “T.S.” in question is not Taylor Swift, but billionaire industrialist Tony Stark! We can just picture Hiddleston chuckling to himself on the set of Thor: Ragnarok after seeing this, quickly followed by him vowing to destroy those blasted Avengers once and for all. Before he does that, though, he should check out the next photo that RDJ shared:

Totes adorbs.

[via MTV]