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Robert Downey Jr. to play super-intelligent dog in Peabody And Sherman

Fresh from Robert Downey Jr.’s offering to nail every best actress nominee at last night’s Golden Globes, DreamWorks Animation has seized the moment to announce that Downey will star in Peabody And Sherman, its forthcoming film featuring the Rocky And Bullwinkle characters. Downey will star as Mr. Peabody, the super-intelligent dog who deals with his ostracizing from the animal kingdom by condescendingly educating a young boy in the finer points of history, often with the aid of his time-traveling WABAC (“Wayback”) Machine. And although the script is being handled by Jeffrey Ventimilia and Joshua Sternin, the same duo who drooled on papyrus and called it Yogi Bear, the similarly 3-D Peabody And Sherman will at least forego any unholy CGI/live-action abominations and tell its story of dog/boy love using solely sanctified computer animation. The Lion King director Rob Minkoff will head up the tale, which also delves into the duo’s origin, as dictated by Movie Law. This will be Downey’s first foray into playing a cartoon character, although he recently received a crash course as the new voice of Mr. Peanut, which also delved into, um, special relationships.

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