Combining two of the most prevalent overarching themes in modern entertainment—musicals and the presence of Robert Downey Jr.—Warner Bros. is developing a musical starring Robert Downey Jr. as one-half of a duo of Broadway songwriters whose most recent production flops, leaving them to end up taking jobs at a theater camp. Which is essentially the premise of both the film Camp and the upcoming TV adaptation of same, but then, people don’t turn to modern musicals looking for originality, right? Anyway, Downey Jr. is certainly no stranger to singing, having performed on the soundtracks for The Singing Detective, Chaplin, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, etc., and releasing the jazzy, folky The Futurist in 2004, featuring original compositions like “Little Clownz”—which includes the refrain, “Hang on little clownz / You might just turn the world around,” should you happen to be a member of a senior high school class in search of a graduation song.