Although we previously told you Angelina Jolie was attached to star in Alfonso Cuaron’s space thriller Gravity as the sole survivor of a mission gone awry, we were actually lying. Or the Vulture Blog was lying. Someone, somewhere, was lying. Deadline Hollywood is reporting comeback kid Robert Downey, Jr. is trying to pencil Cuaron’s film into his summer schedule before he begins shooting the Sherlock Holmes sequel in the fall. Additions to the previously inaccurate reports on Gravity include the unshocking news that the film will be shot in 3D, as well as a major alteration to the plot description—apparently there will not be one, but two, survivors of the space mission gone awry: Downey as the leader of a space station crew, and the now-vacant female role as a member of Downey’s team who is desperate to get back to her daughter on Earth. Apparently Jolie did not make the jump from Universal to Warner Bros. like the production did, so the search is on to find Downey a scene partner.