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Robert Downey Jr. and True Detective’s Nic Pizzolatto team up for HBO series

The Judge

In what seems like a great setup for a joke about Tony Stark and House Stark/Game Of Thrones that we haven’t quite nailed down yet, The Hollywood Reporter says that Robert Downey Jr. might be getting ready to star in an HBO drama of his very own. He’s apparently developing a show with True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto, but no specific details about it have been revealed yet. Also, THR notes that it doesn’t even know if there’s “any official deal” in place, so it’s still possible that nothing will come of this. The article does present a theory, at least, suggesting that the project is a reboot of legal drama Perry Mason. Robert Downey Jr. has been trying to get a project like that off the ground for a while now, and teaming up with Pizzolatto could be the way to do it. Either way, Downey is expected to star in whatever this show ends up being.


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