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Robert De Niro, Zach Braff try (and fail) to kill Tommy Lee Jones in The Comeback Trail trailer

Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman starring in a zany Hollywood comedy? That might’ve been a hot ticket once upon a time, but years of creaky De Niro comedies and Freeman’s recent allegations of sexual harassment have dimmed the prospect somewhat, even with Tommy Lee Jones in a supporting role as a cowboy with a death wish.

Still, The Comeback Trail’s got a fun premise—movie producers in debt to the mob try to score some quick insurance money by hiring the aforementioned death wish cowboy to star in (and, with their help, die on the set of) a sham movie. But Jones’ Duke Montana won’t die so easy, and that’s just the beginning of their problems.

Watch the trailer below.

Zach Braff, Emile Hirsch, Eddie Griffin, and Patrick Muldoon (a.k.a. the bastard who stole Kelly from Zack) co-star in the movie from George Gallo (Middle Men, Trapped in Paradise).


The Comeback Trailer is due in theaters on November 13.

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