With his starring role in Luc Besson's Malavita ensuring that Robert De Niro will soon get the chance to play his gangster movie past for laughs again, the actor has moved on to other ways in which he can point out that he is old now and how this is very funny, reportedly even roping in Sylvester Stallone to join him for a round of intentionally diminished returns. The Wrap says that the erstwhile stars of Raging Bull and Rocky are in negotiations to finally face off in a boxing movie—one that, decades ago, would have been merely exciting, but which is now inherently humorous thanks to the ravages of age—by co-starring as two retired fighters reuniting for a grudge match. As aforementioned, they are old, and this is funny.

That said film is simply titled Grudge Match and will be directed by Peter Segal of Get Smart and Anger Management further speaks to the unfussy, straightforward yuks they're shooting for, though of course the comedy cannot be judged fairly until the moment when De Niro puts on a pair of shorts and then acknowledges how out of shape he is, especially when compared to the complex root system lurking beneath Stallone's forearms. But since the project (which has actually been kicking around for years now) is not yet officially green-lit, one must simply imagine how funny that will be, especially when combined with the Entourage-honed, ball-busting quips of screenwriter Doug Ellin. Or, one may also tide oneself over with the sight of De Niro attending a wild bachelor party in Last Vegas, which is another thing that older men traditionally do not do and is therefore hilarious.