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Robert De Niro is going method (again) for his role in The Comedian

The King Of Comedy

Robert De Niro’s method-acting exploits are well known: He entered boxing matches to prepare for Raging Bull, learned to speak Sicilian for his role in The Godfather: Part II, and had his body covered in temporary tattoos for Cape Fear (though he did stop short of obtaining a real prison sentence). But De Niro’s latest undertaking might prove to be the most painful, as Vulture reports the Oscar-winning actor will perform stand-up comedy to prepare for his role as an aging insult comic in Taylor Hackford’s The Comedian.

De Niro is scheduled to do a set on Tuesday night at NYC Underground Village, thereby leaving himself vulnerable to hecklers or anyone who isn’t a fan of the Focking-parents film series. Expert roaster Jeff Ross will pen De Niro’s set; he also happens to have co-written The Comedian, so he may or may not borrow some insults from himself. The show’s already sold out, but there might be room for Leslie Mann in the audience, as she recently replaced Jennifer Aniston in the movie.


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