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Robert De Niro has to introduce "Diddy Dirty-Money" on next month's Saturday Night Live

As a reminder that you can catch him in theaters sporting a funny boner next month, Robert De Niro will host Saturday Night Live on December 4, the third time he’s done so in his career. And at least three times during the show, De Niro will be asked to say the words “Diddy-Dirty Money,” the latest nickname adopted by musical guest Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, which could well prove to be the episode’s comedic highlight. Other just-announced guests: Paul Rudd gets paired up with Paul McCartney on Dec. 11, while Eminem will back previously confirmed host Jeff Bridges on Dec. 18. Meanwhile, Beau Bridges will spend Dec. 18 sorting a bag of peanut M&Ms by color, because he swears "the green ones taste different." Nah, we continue to kid Beau Bridges. He's probably having a nice dinner with friends or something that night. Honestly, we'd be lucky to have his life. 


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