31/31 FanBacked campaign

You probably thought you’d seen the last of Rob Zombie’s crowdfunding efforts when the campaign for his latest passion project/slasher flick, 31, ended around last Halloween. You relaxed and considered yourself safe from any more pleas to support a film about what’s likely the most awful (fictitious) place on Earth, Murder World. But just as you let down your guard, you’re slammed with one final appeal to give Zombie some of your hard-earned money to make a movie about killer clowns who run some kind of murder house.

The FanBacked campaign kicked off last June, offering rewards like marketing swag, signed posters, and lifetime access to the Zombie concert guest list. Zombie really delved into his role as his own cheerleader, posting regular updates about the evil ensemble—filled with characters with names like Death-Head, Sex-Head, Sick-Head, Schizo-Head, and Roscoe—he was putting together for the film


But now, possibly because prosthetics and tattooed clowns don’t grow on trees, or because hiring a former Sweathog is pricier than he previously thought, Zombie’s got his hand out again. Now he’s auctioning off movie props from such “classic” films as two movies he wrote and directed less than ten years ago, Halloween II and The Lords of Salem. So you can pick up things like a 20-inch blade from Zombie’s personal collection, or a black pig mask from the final scene of The Lords of Salem. But you only have five days left to bid—unless Zombie decides to cast Schneider from One Day at a Time as the groundskeeper, that is.