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The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was giving Rob Zombie movies decent trailers—like the the teaser for The Lords Of Salem, which promises a ‘70s-style slow-burn chiller, only to deliver Sheri Moon Zombie riding a stuffed goat at the Coyote Ugly in hell. But fueled by ego and the dried fake blood he sucks from his dreadlocks every night, he soldiers on with his directorial career anyway.


Zombie’s newest project is called 31, and it’s based around the concept of killer clowns terrorizing civilians at a place called Murder World, who presumably got a really good deal on Groupon. But unlike all those other killer clown movies, these clowns are gritty and have tattoos, as Zombie explains in a new Rolling Stone interview.

In a move that may seem incredible (Because what studio wouldn’t want a good tattooed killer clown movie?), Zombie plans on paying for 31 by means of a crowdfunding campaign. Those who want to pitch in better hurry, because you only have 60 days to claim rewards like Rob Zombie following you on Twitter (a prize one person has already claimed for $300), or an original Rob Zombie clown painting for $2,500. (By way of comparison, a John Wayne Gacy original can cost up to $12,000 these days.) And for $750, you can have your name in the film’s credits, an honor Zombie compares to being in Star Wars (or whatever), saying, “If there was a time where someone told me, ‘Your name can be forever in the credits of Star Wars,’ or whatever, I’d be like, ‘Fuck yeah.’ That’s pretty rad.”

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