Veronica Mars

Over the last few years, TV networks have decided that there’s nothing better than resurrecting canceled TV shows for limited revival runs. It’s hard to disagree with that strategy, though, when it means getting new episodes of Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Heroes, and Coach, all of which are beloved shows that ended too soon—or too late, but it happened long enough ago that we’ve forgiven that. Unfortunately, one beloved show that ended too soon—but later became a movie—hasn’t gotten the same treatment yet: Veronica Mars. (Also Firefly, but that’s another Newswire.)

However, while talking with TVLine, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas revealed that he and series star Kristen Bell have talked about creating a “short-run series” that would act as a follow-up to the Kickstarted Veronica Mars movie. Thomas says that he and Bell both think that a purposefully abbreviated format is “really appealing,” but nothing official is in place yet. In other words, a Veronica Mars revival might never happen, but the two people who would be integral in making it happen want it to happen, so that’s something. (Still nothing substantial about Firefly.)