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Rob Thomas, Heather Regnier, and Susanna Fogel are making a show about Dicks

This Rob Thomas, not the other one.
Photo: Jason Merritt (Getty Images)

Veronica Mars is about to come back, but series creator Rob Thomas isn’t done making TV shows about women who solve mysteries. According to Deadline, he’s working with iZombie writer Heather V. Regnier and The Spy Who Dumped Me director Susanna Fogel on a new show about amateur private investigators called Dicks—though its premise is much more elaborate than that hilarious title may imply. It revolves around a woman named Phyllis Roarke who gets fired from a job at the White House and then has her government-issued cell phone stolen by gang members at a party after she moves back to her hometown.

After that, she reunites with her high school friends and joins them in becoming “de facto private investigators,” at which point they—deep breath—”stumble into a citywide conspiracy involving a notorious mobster, a washed-up screenwriter, and a lemur named Darwin.” That’s so many things! How much of that will be explained in the first episode? Hopefully they burn through all of it. Oh, also, “dick” is a slang term for a private investigator, which is kind of crucial.


The project is being developed for USA, but Deadline says it might end up on the streaming platform that NBCUniversal is developing

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