Amid all of yesterday’s gnashing of teeth over the forced hiatus for NBC’s Community, we managed to overlook a cloud with a silver lining, one shaped hilariously like a taco. The midseason may see a time-out for our favorite multiethnic television gang, but its spirit of togetherness will be reincarnated on the CBS debut of Rob Schneider’s new comedy about how Mexicans and non-Mexicans get along, even when things get especially Mexican-y. Until now we’ve just been referring to it internally as Rob Schneider Solves The Immigration Argument, but at last the network has given us its actual name: ¡Rob!, a title that encourages everyone to open their hearts and minds to foreign cultures by seeking out the “inverted exclamation mark” hotkey on their keyboard. For most, of course, it’s just a matter of pressing the “Option” or “Alt” key—thus, a constant reminder of the many options and alternatives in the American melting pot that Rob Schneider’s zany, mixed-up family represents. Gracias for the reminder, ¡Rob!.