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Rob Schneider would like to be your next “conservative media hero,” please

(Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)

The internet has once again proven itself to be a pretty shitty tool for stuff like democracy, hope, and a general sense that the Earth isn’t one giant garbage fire, slowly rotating through space, and a pretty good one for finding out what Rob Schneider thinks about things. In fact, Schneider gave his fans a dose of the Real Rob—still technically on Netflix!—tonight, wafting into the current political climate like a warm and humid human fart.


Schneider’s post—which offers up a subtle burn on America’s “intelligence” services, and a more Duece Bigalow-level one on the reporters at CNN—quickly saw him lauded by fans as another conservative media hero, standing up for his beliefs despite threats that the vast liberal conspiracy might do to him what it did to Tim Allen. (I.e., give him a six-season series on prime-time TV, which, given what happened with Rob, is clearly something that nobody wants).

Schneider’s assertion that CNN and the CIA—which, eagle-eyed Illuminati hunters in the audience will be quick to note, both start with the letter C—are colluding to bring down the president by accurately reporting on the things that he does isn’t the first time the actor and professional crony has stepped into politics in recent months. Back in January, he hopped on Twitter to inform Representative John Lewis, a noted civil rights leader, on what Martin Luther King Jr. would or wouldn’t have done in the fight against racism, because Rob Schneider is never afraid to speak truth to power, presumably because there aren’t that many famous people who aren’t more powerful than him.

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