Adam Sandler‚Äôs standard contract clause Rob Schneider is the center of a new CBS comedy series that‚Äôs reportedly based on his life, according to Deadline‚ÄĒthat is to say, it‚Äôs about a ‚Äúsolitary guy who marries into a huge Mexican-American family.‚ÄĚ Wait, so Rob Schneider‚Äôs life is just as full of high concepts and low-hanging fruit as the average Rob Schneider movie? That must get sort of annoying. Anyway, it will be the first time Schneider has starred in a TV series since 1997‚Äôs UK remake Men Behaving Badly, which British people are still probably upset about. Lew Morton, creator of the recent Comedy Central homage to terrible ‚Äė80s sitcoms Big Lake, will write the script, possibly by just hanging out around Rob Schneider and his huge Mexican-American family and taking note of all the hilarious culture clashes that must ensue on a half-hourly basis.