Schneider, blocking finger primed. (Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Despite its numerous faults, Twitter is an amazing tool for connection, allowing people to come together from disparate countries, societies, and even Hollywood comedy circles, in order to produce perfect moments like this one:


That’s actor and producer Seth Rogen, realizing that Rob Schneider has blocked him, apparently unprompted, on the micro-blogging service. The reasons behind the blockage are presumably political—Rogen’s a vocal liberal, while Schneider has awkwardly tried to cram himself into the box of a conservative comedian, catering to the kinds of conservative comedy fans who love bizarre, penis-pump-based narratives in films. But the real fun here has been watching Rogen’s comedian friends get in on the weirdness of the Neighbors 2 star waking up one day to realize he had somehow wandered onto Schneider’s fake-accented shit list.

You’re missing some gold

— Kumail Nanjiani (@kumailn) June 17, 2017

Many poked fun at some of Schneider’s more enduring cultural contributions:


Others just enjoyed rubbing it in for Rogen, now trapped in his Schneider-less hell:


Schneider has yet to comment on #SchneiderSnub2017—that one’s free for anyone who wants to use it, by the way—presumably because he’s too busy lecturing civil rights leaders, and yelling at the media for covering fake stories instead of the hard news, like celebrity Twitter beefs between the funny talking sausage man and Mr. “You Like-a The Juice.”

[via Variety]