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Rob Riggle will play a 1980s stockbroker for HBO, with help from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay

The years-long quest to find a proper TV home for Rob Riggle may at last be at its end, with HBO announcing that they are developing a single-camera show in which the often very loud comedian will put his boisterous alpha-male persona to good use. Riggle will star as a bond trader in 1980s Wall Street, where he funnels his ill-gotten wealth into a "dark, self-centered, unhealthy," probably coke-fueled existence that promises to fill the network's Eastbound And Down-sized "asshole" hole. And that definitely seems like the tone they're going for, considering who else is involved: Riggle will produce alongside his collaborators from The Other Guys, including Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy, with McKay and Henchy also writing the as-yet-untitled show's pilot. So between this and Martin Scorsese's The Wolf Of Wall Street, we should have all of our lingering feelings toward the financial sector totally resolved within a year or two.


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