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Rob Lowe to star in Lifetime's Casey Anthony movie, is the new Tori Spelling basically

Testifying to the fickleness of women's television networks, Lifetime seems to have chosen Rob Lowe as its new favorite star: He'll follow up his recent creepy turn in Drew Peterson: Untouchable with the similarly sordid crime docudrama Prosecuting Casey Anthony, starring as the attorney who mounted a seemingly convincing case against the accused murderer, yet failed to prove that she was not a somewhat attractive white girl. The film is based on the book of the same name by Jeff Ashton, whom Lowe will be playing—and while it probably would have been nice to actually win the case, having Rob Lowe play you in a sympathetic movie is some sort of consolation prize. No word on when the film begins shooting (or whether it will cause Lowe to have weird, floppy hair during Parks And Recreation again), but already the Lifetime   studio alleyways are strewn with dusty, discarded photos of Meredith Baxter and a dusty, discarded Tori Spelling.


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