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Rob Lowe to star in Fox’s The Grinder, as a lawyer who grinds

Illustration for article titled Rob Lowe to star in Fox’s iThe Grinder/i, as a lawyer who grinds

Rob Lowe has found his next TV project, after finding several other next TV projects before that: According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s signed on to star in Fox’s single-camera comedy The Grinder, which was previously reported as in development from the co-creators of the animated Allen Gregory, Andrew Mogul and Jarrad Paul. The Grinder—which now also has The Muppets’ Nicholas Stoller as an executive producer and Bad Teacher’s Jake Kasdan attached to direct the pilot—stars Lowe as a “beloved TV lawyer” known as “The Grinder,” who returns to his hometown after his show is canceled and tries to take over his family’s real-life law practice with his TV lawyering skills.


As we humorously noted before, his fledgling career could be complicated by gay men asking Lowe to find other gay men to hook up with, or monkeys who dance around him in expectation of organ music that never comes, or waiters attempting to use him to spread pepper on their salads, or skaters challenging him to sick rail slides, or big guys from Connecticut thinking he’s a sandwich, or hoods assuming he’s slinging drugs, or Pauly Shore making a hip reference to food…. Really, there are any number of hilarious misunderstandings of “The Grinder” that could make for countless sitcom episodes to come.

But then, “The Grinder” is probably just a name. You know, the sort of name they’re always giving lawyers, because of how they “grind” criminals and stuff. “Justice Is Grind”—free tagline for Fox.

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