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Drew Peterson: Untouchable

After snagging $4.5 million in crowdfunding cash from a successful IndieGogo campaign last year, the makers of Super Troopers 2 are finally ready to throw some of that money around. Deadline is reporting that comedy troupe Broken Lizard has hired retired Grinder and recently roasted master of reinvention Rob Lowe to co-star in the sequel to their 2001 cult hit. Lowe will reportedly play “Guy Le Franc, a former hockey player and the current mayor of a Quebec Canadian border town.” (We don’t remember “French-Canadian Rob Lowe” from all those DirecTV commercials, but he seems to be having fun in the picture they posted from the set.)


Filming on Super Troopers 2 started earlier this month. Meanwhile, the film’s pot-addled, prank-loving cops made time recently to make the acquaintance of another noted marijuana enthusiast, joining Willie Nelson on stage at a concert in Boston.

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